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Additional Services

We offer a wide range of additional services to meet your needs apart from tree care and stump grinding.

Overgrown/Neglected Property Restoration

A SPECIALTY of ours, this is a service directed toward Real Estate Investors/Rehabbers dealing with Bank Repo Properties or other Long-Term Severely Neglected Properties looking like an untamed Jungle: full of a multitude of trees, brush, weeds, bricks, bumpers, and miscellaneous junk. In a matter of just a few short days, we will Tame your Jungle…and Turn it into a Yard! We will offer a customized solution to your situation…and then, as needed and as agreed upon, we will brush hog, mow & rake; remove trees & stumps; deal with and/or demolish fences, sheds, etc.; cut in landscape beds (and landscape too if you want us to); edge sidewalks & power wash them too; over seed and fertilize/weed kill your lawn; and we will get rid of all the junk too.

One Call Does It All: As a fellow real estate investor, “I Know What Needs To Be Done…and I Know How To Do It.” We have the tools, equipment, manpower and expertise to handle whatever comes up on these types of jobs so you can free up your time to focus on other things.

Building Lot Clearing

Planning to Build? We can Clear your Lot quickly so you can get ready to excavate. Though we are best suited to clear those lots of up to about one acre, we can do the bigger lots if you are in a pinch; but quite frankly, Bigger (Developer) Lots call for the guys with much bigger equipment than what we have, and it is tough for us to compete on price with those guys.

Log & Brush Removal

Took down your own tree…but don’t know what to do with the leftover logs & brush? Hired someone else to take down your tree…and they left the logs & brush for you to deal with? Spring or Fall Cleanup…and need our help? Contact Stumpy’s Tree Service today!


We can deliver & dump mulch/topsoil, as well as deliver and install. But Spring & Early Summer are extremely busy for us…so try to give us plenty of advance notice so we can get you on our schedule.

Brush Hog Work

Have an overgrown field…maybe with some small saplings? Don’t have the equipment or ability to handle it? Contact Stumpy’s Tree Service.

Light Landscaping

We are NOT a Landscaping (or Hardscaping) Company…but we have the tools, equipment and know-how to landscape. We are happy to help you 'deconstruct' your existing landscaping, but we don’t actively pursue new landscaping jobs…however, we sometimes do them IF:

  • It is in connection with a job we are already doing for you
  • It is a relatively small job
  • We can work it into our schedule

Bulk Firewood Sales

We offer bulk firewood sales, and can deliver the firewood or you can save money and pick it up at our job site, if you can do so in a timely manner. Our typical customer is someone who owns an outdoor furnace…or someone willing to cut & split their own firewood. Please note that we split firewood by special request only. Our firewood is Larger Logs – 15” – 60” diameter; 2’ – 4’ or more in length. Contact us to get on our list and for more details.

Mill Logs

We offer large logs – 15” – 60” diameter; 8’ & longer. Our typical customer is someone with a Fixed or Portable Saw Mill. Mill logs are available for pick up only from our job sites. You must have the necessary equipment and your own helpers…and must be able to respond quickly (1–3 days typically). Please contact us for further details.

Firewood Salespersons Wanted

Are you in the Firewood Sales Business? Do you need another source of bulk firewood? Do you have the necessary equipment to retrieve bulk firewood and can you respond the same day we call…or within 3 days maximum? If you can answer YES to these questions…Contact Stumpy’s Tree Service LLC today!


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