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Stump Removal

Stumps can be an unsightly blemish on an otherwise stately landscape. Let us help you restore your property to its full glory by safely removing and disposing of the stump and leaving the area ready for healthy replacement growth. We’re happy to speak with you about ideas to add beauty to a once empty space.

What We Offer

A complete Stump Removal Project consists of three steps…and three ‘a la carte’ prices; and the customer may choose to have us do any one or more of those three steps, perhaps saving money by doing one or more of the steps themselves. Most stump removal projects can be quoted over the phone if the customer can answer a few basic questions: 

  1. Measure the diameter of the stump at the widest point – NOT where the trunk of the tree was cut off, but rather, across the buttress roots, where the trunk flairs first go into the ground. This may add anywhere from 12” up to 4’ or more to your measurement depending on the type of tree it was.
  2. The type of tree, if known
  3. Letting us know of anything else that might challenge us in our job…such as wells, septic tank, leach lines, underground irrigation or electric dog fences, proximity of fences, buildings, pools, patios, etc., and whether or not the yard is fenced in…and how wide the gate opening is if it is fenced in (we can get our self-propelled machine through a 36” fence gate); or anything else that might impact our access to the stump.
  4. Sometimes, a couple of pictures may also be helpful.

Stump Grinding

Grind stump to approximately 12” – 15” (or greater) below grade and chase out roots as needed. BUYER BEWARE – Know what you are paying for: Some Stump Grinders will offer an ‘economical’ price as they grind your stump only 1” – 3” below grade, leaving a crown that will catch your mower after the dirt settles and they do not chase out the roots. The minimum industry standard depth for cutting out roots is 6” – 8” below grade…but this depth still allows for sucker regrowth; grinding 12” – 15” below grade is an industry recognized practice which deters any sucker regrowth; grinding through the bottom or 22” in-depth, whichever comes first is an application for larger stumps…or for those that wish to plant another tree in the exact same location.

Stump Grinding Debris Removal

Remove stump grinding debris to approximately 4” – 6” below grade…leaving it ready for lawn restoration. After your stump has been ground, there will be a voluminous mound of debris remaining where the stump once stood – anywhere from 5 to 10 to 20 times the volume of the stump that was ground – not a wheelbarrow full, but rather, a pick-up truck or even one or more dump truck loads or more. The customer may choose to handle this themselves, or contract with us to take care of the removal and disposal.

Lawn Restoration

Removing the stump allows you space for new healthy, landscape. We can help you choose the replacement options that will add curb appeal and value to your landscape! To help improve your lawn we will provide and install:

  • Pelletized Lime (to sweeten the soil)
  • Topsoil to about 4” – 6” above grade (to allow for settling)
  • Contractor-Grade Grass Seed
  • Straw (to be removed by the customer about 4-6 weeks later)


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